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Jeff van de Bennet - Associate Broker 200 4 Ave S Suite 155, Lethbridge, AB Lethbridge, AB T1J 4C9 Cell: 403-795-8675
Fax: 403-394-7729
Work Phone: 403-394-7721
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Sell Your Lethbridge Home for TOP DOLLAR Even Without A Real Estate Agent!

Lethbridge For Sale by OwnerIf You Can Pass This Quiz, You’ll Get A Fast, Top Dollar Home Sale.

If You Can’t, You’re In Trouble, and Free Money-Saving Advice Is Here…
  • Do you have a bona fide buyer under contract right now for your home?
  • Has your buyer given you written loan approval ( not just “qualified”) so they don’t tie you up and cost you thousands of dollars?
  • Have you hired a lawyer or real estate agent to handle the purchase contract so you don’t end up getting ripped-off because you used one of those “office supply store ” home contracts?
  • Did you register everyone visiting your home (with address and phone number) so you don’t become a victim of crime?
  • Do you have at least 10 qualified visitors to your home every week?
  • Do you know national statistics prove your chances of selling your home using classified ads and open houses is slim to none?
  • Did you have a home inspection performed by a licensed inspector before putting it on the market?
  • Did you know that 89% of For Sale By Owner homeowners end up losing much more money than if they had hired a real estate professional?

If you answered YES to all the questions above, congratulations. Your home should sell quickly, and hassle-free.

But What If You Answered “NO”? If you answered NO to any of the questions above, it’s probable:

  1. You could take a long, long time to sell your home.
  2. Lose more money than you ever imagined – in ways you never expected.
  3. Potentially become a victim of crime.
  4. Get abused by an unscrupulous buyer who will “nickel-and-dime” you until he gets his price at YOUR expense.
  5. “Net” much less from your home than if you had used “the right” real estate professional in the first place.

Is There Hope?

Chances are you answered “NO” to at least one or more of the above questions. Don’t worry, I have a helpful solution for you.  It’s my special consumer report titled, "44 Money-Making Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell.”  

My report is absolutely FREE, and there’s no obligation to work with me or any other agent.

You'll discover…

  • Why homes that sell the fastest also sell for the most money…
  • Why some real estate agents will cost you thousands and waste your time…
  • Why understanding what the total market is doing is essential to your success. This strategy eludes most real estate agents…
  • 6 “Problem Area” that can instantly turn-off serious buyers…
  • 13 “First Impression” areas you must address before selling your home…
  • 18 Ways to appeal to the “emotions” of any buyer who visits your home…
  • How to inexpensively dress your home to look like a model home – and command more money…
  • How to negotiate with buyers to get you the best deal…
  • And a whole lot more!

Why Would A Real Estate Agent Help You Sell Your Home For Free?

No, I’m not a charity. I specialize in Lethbridge residetial Real Estate, and I will help anyone in the area who wants to sell their home.

Why?  Because by knowing you I’ll have an inside track to help buyers who might be interested in your home.

Plus, in the event you DO need help if your home doesn’t sell, you’ll already know me and the quality of my services.

Finally, I build my business on the referrals and positive comments from people like you.

By knowing you and giving you valuable help, you’ll think of me when friends, family, or neighbors need a caring and competent professional.

That’s all there is to it.

So before you toss this information aside, and forget about it, give me a call for your free report.  I promise 2 things to you:

  1. Reading my 12-page report will be the most profitable 20 minutes you spend on learning how to sell your home fast and for top dollar, and ...
  2. You will NEVER feel any pressure or obligation to work with me or any other real estate agent.  I'm here to help.

When you call, remind me to share with you my “Maximum Value Home Audit” – designed specifically to “position”
your home to sell for maximum dollar value in minimum time.

It’s also Free and without obligation whatsoever.  But you need to call immediately & ask specifically for
Jeff (403) 394-7721 
or fill out the form below because quantities are limited.


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